Shaoxing Togawa Rubber Co. Ltd.Founded in 2005 April, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan, Togawa Japanese investment in China.

Company address:Pu Industrial Park in Zhejiang province Shaoxing city Shangyu district Chinese
Land area:10000 square meters
Building area:4700 square meters
Main products:O type, U type gasket, gasket ring production and sales.
           Rubber products and synthetic resin production and sales of products.
           Mold and metal parts sales.
Company purpose:to improve the technical staff, moral and life, make the worker all-round development, benefit the whole society and make contributions to.
Company policy:improve the quality of products, Protect environment, production to meet the social needs of the product.
Business philosophy: quality first, vigorous, friendship, gratitude.
Company aim:customer satisfaction, the best quality, service society.

Contact information:
Address:Pu Industrial Park in Zhejiang province Shaoxing city Shangyu district Chinese code:312300
Phone:0575-82365378 Fax:0575-82365398

Shaoxing Togawa Rubber Co. Ltd. is the exclusive subsidiary of Japan Togawa in China, has a history of over 10 years, the company to high technical titles in future.

The Japanese Togawa Rubber Corporation is one of Japan's biggest rubber enterprises, has 90 years of operating history.

As to the high-tech, high-quality, armed their enterprise, we always adhere to the faith and to help customers, adhere to their own services to impress clients.
To improve the quality of the products, Protect environment constantly, and strive to create products to meet the needs of the society.


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Shangpu Industrial Park in Zhejiang province Shangyu city Chinese
Shaoxing Togawa Rubber Co. Ltd.    Zhejiang ICP record No. 14023406 -1

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